Dunalley Tasman Food Co-operative (Co-op)

The Food Co-op is located at the back of the Dunalley Neighbourhood House, next door to the Op-shop. We run on a not for profit basis and are dependent on the support of the Community House.

The main goal of the co-op is to provide community members with access to bulk, organic/ethical/regional wholefoods (where possible) at affordable prices within the local area. We stock a range of dry foods (flours, rice, nuts, fruits, spices etc.), plus local honey, olive oil and bulk cleaning products. We also aim to provide food and nutritional information and advice to our community.

It is a membership based Co-op and therefore you must be a member to purchase goods from the Co-op. For our Co-operative to thrive we rely on the ongoing support and participation of all our members. To become a member you can download a Membership form.

$20 annual membership (per household or family).
$5 quarterly membership (3 months)
Active members – must volunteer four hours per month to receive a 20% discount on goods
Non-active members – no discount.

Opening hours:
Thursday – 10.00am to 4.00pm

Pop-Up Veggie Store

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We aim to be plastic bag free, and encourage you to bring your own containers.

For more information on the Dunalley Tasman Food Co-op email: foodcoop@dunalleytasman.org